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DIY Upcycled Bird Feeder

Cardinal at bird feeder by HueDew.
A cardinal visits one of my DIY bird feeders after a light rain.

Backyard photo shoot

I spend a good deal of my time out in my garden or in someone else’s garden photographing the things I love to print on photo cuff bracelets, ceramic tile and rubber coasters for my botanical lines at HueDew.

Recently, my attention moved from the flowers in the garden to the critters in the garden. Or in my case, the lack of feathered critters in my garden.

Where were all the birds? I don’t have cats anymore, so I set out to lure birds to my safe, fenced yard.

Easy construction

Step one was making these upcycled bird feeders. A couple of thrift store plates drilled with a ceramic bit to make a hole in the center, some hanging hardware and a measure of fishing line was all I needed to open my backyard diner.

Open for lunch

In a few weeks, I had some curious and hungry cardinals regularly visiting the feeder, so I made another four for the yard. I add water to a few to give the birds a nice, clean drinking hole.

I’ve decided to make more of these bird feedres and sell them at the different street shows I do around West Palm Beach.

FB Bird feeder flyer