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Worth Avenue Pet Parade

Pets on Parade

Every year, the Worth Avenue merchant association on the Island of Palm Beach hosts a pet parade and contest. I’ve shot it a handful of times as a staffer for The Palm Beach Post, but this year, I was freelancing for PBDN’s website.

My former editor knows I love dogs and would often send me out to assignments if they were dog related. I love dogs … so much that I wear them on my wrist. To see my dog photo cuff bracelets on HueDew click here.

As a full-time freelance photographer, I never know what I’ll be shooting from one day to the next … products for someone’s website e-commerce store, head and shoulder photos for someone’s LinkedIn profile, or a swim class for someone’s brochure. Variety is what keeps me happy.

Setting up the studio

I got the call to shoot these pet portraits, so the next morning I set up my grey background against a lattice gate, planted my one strobe to the left and behind the furry subjects and cut an Astro-turf-like rug to wrap around the table. I kept things simple since I was outside under the shade of a building and there was little room in that alley for reflectors or additional lights. Besides, I didn’t want a gust of wind to knock down reflectors or anything. I shot with my Canon 5d Mark III and a 70-200 lens. I used a shallow depth of field to blur out the background. It helps to have a squeak toy to get the dog’s attention and even a healthful treat if that’s what it takes t get the best and more alert shot.

Funny Faces

One by one I approached dog owners and asked them to share their pet with the web audience. Some of the dogs were dressed in fancy costumes to compete in the costume contest, but all were adorable and obviously well loved.

I share the link with you now: Click here.