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Patio Cushion Covers

Patio cushion covers made from shower curtains by HueDew.
Patio cushion covers made with shower curtains

Garden siren song

I spend a good amount of time in my garden photographing flowers, plants, butterflies, and dragonflies to use for HueDew and new photo cuff bracelet designs. Chores like weeding and pruning can often take the back burner when I spy the frangipani blooming.

Thinking outside the yard

I needed to replace the patio cushion covers that I had sewn the winter of 2013. Fabric by the yard can be expensive, so just as in 2013, I purchased shower curtains on sale for the project. What a deal. Each shower curtain measures 70×72-inches and repels water. That’s a bonus for my outside patio!

Curtains for me

I used three shower curtains from Walmart (click here for link) to cover these cushions. Fortunately for me,  I could use the covers from the last time I sewed this project to use as a pattern.

Now, after photographing the spring flowers in my garden, I can recline on the patio cushions and try to ignore the weeding job that still awaits me.