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New Dog designs

There is something about the cooler temperatures in the fall (even here in South Florida) that help generate the creative juices. That and customers who want what they want!

So, here of late, HueDew has added numerous cuff bracelets, coasters and the like, photographed, designed and printed by me! Check out this Black Lab Beauty on a wide cuff bracelet. Click here for details.

Wide Black Lab Beauty Cuff Bracelet by HueDew. SKU: WC0008BLBBYou can get it with the white background, too.

Wide Black Lab Beauty Cuff Bracelet by HueDew. SKU: WC0008BLBWBut, wait, there is more to see. Dachshund lovers might get a kick out of this Love Long Dog cuff bracelet. Click here to see other views of the medium cuff bracelet.Medium Love Long Dog Cuff Bracelet by HueDew. SKU: MC0004LLD

And for a little artistic twist, check out the Perfect Pooch cuff bracelet. Click here.

Wide Perfect Pooch Pal Cuff Bracelet by HueDew: WC0003PPPOf course, you can send your own photo of your very own pet for me to custom design your very own cuff bracelet. The link to custom cuffs is here.