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Finches on Coasters


Shaftail Finch Coaster by HueDew. SKU: RC0082STF

I photographed some lovely feathered creatures the other day that I have printed on rubber coasters and added it to my HueDew line of photo gifts. They might end up perched on my photo cuff bracelets as well. The finches above are shaftails. But what about the ones below? I am assuming they are finches, but what species? I’ve looked online, but can’t be sure. Any experts out there who can tell me?

This one might be a sea green parrot finch.

Sea Green Parrot Finch by HueDew. SKU:RC0084SPF


And could this one be a blue dacnis? I think the blue is not the right shade to match the blue dacnis, however. Isn’t it gorgeous?


Blue Dacnis Finch by HueDew. SKU: RC0085BDF


Lastly, how about these red beauties?

Red Finch Coaster by HueDew. SKU: RC0086RFC

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